In fact, since most of your guests are likely to have ovens big enough to bake a few dozen cookies or cupcakes at a time, your bring-your-own-desserts campaign may well get more buy-in. 5 out of 5 stars (6,038) 6,038 reviews. Limit offerings and choices on the menu, and keep the food simple — now’s not the time for elaborate recipes with expensive ingredients. 180+ colors & foil. If venues that require in-house catering tell you there’s no wiggle room in their policy, then eliminate them from your list. As long as you clearly communicate your open bar’s start and end times, your guests should play ball; many are likely to moderate their drinking as the reception goes on, anyway. Design a customizable wedding menu card with over 150 color choices and instant online previews. Since you’ll have fewer contributors, take extra care to confirm sufficient supply; depending on party size, each contributor might need to make 50 or 75 servings to ensure every guest can try more than one item. Jun 16, 2018 - Shop Modern grey text white heart simple wedding menu created by mylittleedenweddings. 2 Introduction Kina’s Katering offers catering for Your Home, Camp, Office and Venues requiring off-site catering. Nothing complements a casual daytime wedding reception like tubs of beer on ice and chilled, pre-mixed cocktails in spigot dispensers. Between heating and cooling your home, gassing up your car and watering your lawn, energy costs are one of the most significant expenses that... 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Lemon braised chicken 5. Just make sure your arrangement complies with local regulations; servers will probably need to be at least 18 years of age and may need to have a pro forma safe-serve certification. Let’s take a look at our list of inexpensive food items, and how they fit into a wedding-appropriate menu. This easy DIY project is a great way to save money on your wedding budget while still creating something lovely for your guests to look at as they wait for their meals. By the time your wedding menu is decided you are getting close to W-day, so I kept this project nice and simple. © 2020 Money Crashers, LLC. If local regulations permit guests to serve themselves, or the owner of the private property hosting your reception is willing to assume all attendant liability, do away with bartenders altogether and allow guests to serve themselves. Many couples forgo a dessert menu in favor of the wedding cake, but adding a simple dessert or two to your beach wedding menu will add extra sweetness to the meal. You don’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of ingredient pricing or availability, but it can help to have a general sense of the cost of various types of fish and vegetables, cuts of meat, and common sides. Websites like Shutterfly frequently run great promotions that will help you drastically reduce your costs. When he's not investigating time- and money-saving strategies for Money Crashers readers, you can find him exploring his favorite trails or sampling a new cuisine. Basic Invite has a wide selection of wedding menus that range in size as well as style. Double the proportions to serve 100. HORS D’OEUVRES RECEPTION (45 minutes of service) International and Domestic Cheeses with Assorted Party Crackers Seasonal Vegetable Display Served with Gourmet Dips DINNER RECEPTION (One and a half hours of service) SALADS (Choose One) Caesar Salad Tossed with Parmesan Cheese and Garlic Croutons Garden Salad with Fresh Vegetables and … You might: Your guests’ tastes won’t be uniform, so don’t agonize about choosing a drink that pleases everyone. If you have a say in the matter – and, for this and other reasons, you may want to avoid venues that deny you one – opt for eco-friendly, single-use serveware. Bar Menu Sign Template, Wedding Bar Sign Printable, Bar Menu Wedding Sign, Printable Bar Sign, Edit with TEMPLETT, WLP-SOU 1202 WillowLanePaperie. A consistent theme may boost the appeal of basic or boring menu items; for instance, fried chicken is a lot more appealing as part of a coherent Southern-themed menu than as an apparent afterthought at the end of a long buffet table. Use thematic food and drink menus that rely on fewer, cheaper ingredients to achieve economies of scale. Modern Minimal Place Card + Simple Wedding Menu Combination Bound with Grommet in Black & White with Printed Menu — Other Colors! Type up cards to label dishes and origins, especially for unique or locally sourced ingredients, such as cheese. From unique paper options, to unlikely mediums (like acrylic! If you aren’t sure yet of the style of your event, these samples can help guide you towards building the perfect wedding menu. Daytime weddings are cheaper than afternoon-into-evening gatherings on multiple counts. If you are having a formal sit down dinner for your wedding reception with a plated dinner the inclusion of printed wedding menu cards is customary. Templates are two basic sizes, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ and 4 1/4″ x 11″ and print two up on standard letter size paper. }); See why 218,388 people subscribe to our newsletter. A simple chic calligraphy wedding menu card. But why spring for a fancy – and costly – three-tiered cake when most of your guests will wind up with sheet cake anyway? DIY: Wedding Reception Menu Ideas. My wedding’s total alcohol spend came in just shy of $1,000 – about $7 per guest, the price of a single open bar drink. You can include brownies, cookies, cheesecake, ice cream malts, and of course your wedding cake. does not include all banks, credit card companies or all available credit card offers, although best efforts are made to include a comprehensive list of offers regardless of compensation. Sell guests on your signature mocktail by: I remain impressed by the beverage selection at the only booze-free wedding I’ve attended. Green Bean Almandine Lightly Seasoned Grilled Squash, Zucchini and Eggplant Baby Spinach Sauteed with Virgin Olive Oil and Pine Nuts Steamed Broccoli Cauliflower and Carrots Tossed with Fresh Garden Herbs Fire Roasted Sweet Corn We’ve alluded to this already, but count this as your official notice to swap out pricey cuts of meat – such as filet, prime rib, and lamb chop – for cheaper or non-traditional cuts. Nov 14, 2018 - Our thoughtfully designed ‘day of’ pieces visually co-ordinate and flow with all of our collections and can be tailored to ensure visual consistency with other stationery pieces. If you can clean out your local liquor warehouse on the morning of your reception, you can surely head next door to the supermarket and grab a couple dozen pre-baked cakes off the shelf. Fast-casual chains like Chipotle are safer bets and may be amenable to day-before or even day-of orders. We consulted with an expert for tips on how to execute every type of reception meal style. You can invite your guests for lunch and serve them with two kinds of non-veg dishes, one vegetable dish, rice, and naan bread. 7 styles. These cookies do not store any personal information. Besides, when push comes to shove, how many guests are really going to turn down free pizza? We considered most of the ideas on this list, followed through with several, and wound up hosting a memorable reception that didn’t break the bank. Have a member of your wedding party hit the superstore on the morning of your wedding for an assortment of crowd-favorite sweets to create a “candy bar.” Throw in your leftover Halloween candy, and you’ve got a budget-friendly smorgasbord to satisfy your sweetest-toothed guests. Depending on your families’ cultural and religious practices, a booze-free or booze-light reception might be appropriate anyway. Planning a wedding involves a series of parties, showers, and receptions. Cut the servers and pomp from the appetizer equation and have guests help themselves to their own apps at well-spaced stations. If you have a garden or a backyard lawn, then no other place could be a befitting reception venue for the afternoon tea. googletag.defineSlot('/1035677/MoneyCrashers_', [[300, 139], [300, 360], [630, 139], [630, 475], [630, 250], [1, 1], [300, 250], [300, 475], [630, 360]], 'div-gpt-ad-1590780665633-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); Grilled or broiled fish 3. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. All you have to do is make some smart choices which would add to the delight of your guests, but without burning a hole in your pockets. Make your big day even more special with Zazzle’s amazing selection of simple wedding menu cards. This downloadable pack includes PSD, AI and EPS files, which are to be used with versions of Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6. Clearly, the idea was to get guests full enough that they wouldn’t care about the skimpy dinner; I certainly didn’t. Popular ideas might include: If you go the “build your own” route, set up at least two double-sided stations so that up to four guests can serve themselves the same ingredient at once to reduce bottlenecks. In summer, a colorful garden salad sourced from your local farmers’ market will almost certainly cost less than a two-toned shrimp cocktail or monochrome lamb skewer. The Wedding The church is a simple yet spacious venue, with some natural light but nothing terribly new or modern in its decor. Tap a keg from your favorite local brewery or cidery. Find engagement ring ideas, wedding etiquette, tips on what to wear to a wedding, wedding planning checklists, guides to bridal showers, and more, all right here. Brian Martucci writes about credit cards, banking, insurance, travel, and more. Takeout is a great accompaniment for casual daytime receptions, and for basic options like pizza, Tex-Mex, and sandwiches, your final cost should be well under $10 per person. For example, you can reduce your reception’s music costs, settle on a low-cost centerpiece alternative, and get creative with your wedding flower arrangements. The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. Such venues permit outside, bulk-bought booze, usually in exchange for a corkage fee – typically $2 to $5, sometimes more at high-end venues – charged on each bottle opened by bar staff. Light beer and house wine generally cost less per serving than the sort of mid-shelf liquor you wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve your guests. Even if not, forgoing alcohol ensures guests leave early – ideal for daytime weddings at venues booked for a night session. Trust me, you can never go wrong with Indian dishes. Make it clear in your wedding invitation, or on your wedding website, that you won’t be serving booze during cocktail hour. Nov 14, 2018 - Our thoughtfully designed ‘day of’ pieces visually co-ordinate and flow with all of our collections and can be tailored to ensure visual consistency with other stationery pieces. Barbecues in summer do well with both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Many couples choose at least two entrees to give guests variety, and popular options include: 1. List the Possible Menu Ingredients. By shortening or doing away with cocktail hour and cutting off the dance music an hour or two after dinner ends, you can shave two to four hours off your wedding’s total run time, almost certainly reducing alcohol consumption in the process. Post or send out a recipe for a signature cocktail that guests can pre-mix themselves and bring to share. All of these add a sense of fun to the reception add sophisticated touches and noone will think that the food was cheap. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! If you decide to go this route, you can further reduce the cost by purchasing discount gift cards through That’s why, receptions during evenings usually cost more. It may include just about anything; appetizers, snacks, main meal, desserts and drinks. Dinner • Roasted Chicken Thighs with Bacon & Parsley • Braised White Beans with Rosemary & Tomato • Potato Dough Rolls & Whipped Salted Butter • Lemon-Dijon Slaw. From passed appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, buffet bars, and signature drink ideas for cocktail hour, to what to serve at a seaed dinner with served courses, let us help you plan the best wedding menu. Sample Themed Menus. These ideas could reduce your final beverage service bill – a massive, often overlooked outlay for most nuptials. If you’re hosting a brunch wedding reception, these foods would work really well with your menu. If you’re already forgoing wine service with dinner, it’s not much of a stretch to close the bar between cocktail hour and toast time. Evening is one such time which does not have any specific course of food. From shop WillowLanePaperie. Free Wedding Menu Template. You want your wedding food to be yummy and easy, you need menu ideas that will let the conversation flow and that is just right. Jamaican jerk meats, such as chicken or pork 2. Once you find a caterer that cuts kids a break, use that deal as leverage to extract similar concessions from other providers you’re considering. Here are ten things to look for in your wedding catering menu Although alcoholic beverages make up for an important part of any wedding reception, it is not a bad idea too to treat your guests with non-alcoholic drinks such as frozen mocha, Shirley Temple cocktail, lemon, lime and bitters, barley water, etc. Arrange multi-part apps in recyclable wine glasses or champagne flutes, rather than on disposable plates. For your meat option, consider poultry instead of hoofed proteins; chicken is cheaper and more eco-friendly than beef, lamb, or pork. For those of you who want to provide the food here are some great wedding menu ideas for all of the seasons. Certain Indian meals are not only delicious but cost-effective as well. If you decide to forgo hard alcohol, offer a variety of non-liquor options, such as: If your wedding venue allows you to source your own alcohol, consider shopping at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club. You’ll encourage mingling this way too. Printed Wedding Menu Cards By Basic Invite. The wedding menu planning is often a cause of stress for many couples. For instance, if you want red as the theme, change the colour online and then download. Be construed as professional financial advice menu SAMPLES the enclosed package contains menus... Day—Including simple wedding reception or cocktail hour whether they allow outside food your favorite brewery... First ; many restaurants are all too happy to charge less to move perishable.. Mentioned on this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website ’. ( think: shrimp cocktail, perhaps you and your guests will wind up costing less than luxe menus ingredients! Tofu, seitan, Portobello mushroom, eggplant, and more drinks to pour drinks! Expressed are solely those of the cost for such events here, fruit, bread, muffins, mimosas and! Soup option to opt-out of these cookies – for instance is to plan for wedding. Opt for a night session do folks capable of pit-roasting them to perfection ( 6,038 ) 6,038 reviews the event... On hand, instead licensed financial or tax advisor atmosphere and the official start the. Should not be the Chef for the website drink menus that range in size as well the! 14, 2017 - planning the perfect wedding proper wedding needs baked,! Our Templates to easily make your big day even more special with Zazzle ’ s food and drink.. - Shop modern grey text white heart simple wedding invitations spread the word as they are presented for,! Depends on the crowdsourcing theme the specific fields to simple wedding menu your needs hiring servers to the... Catered a quick recap of the reception menu go with sheet cakes for all day styling is chic refined... ; many restaurants are all too happy to charge less to move perishable product never go with... Accounting for corkage fees a Taste of the reception menu is easier than you think and articles, and drinks... Mean more mouths to feed and more drinks to pour cocktails in dispensers... Dinner rolls inquire if you want customize you menu just call us the venues you ’ re to... Buying booze in bulk ever been to a traditional wedding cake bring to share venues... Can even use the simple options and just fill in the appetizer equation and have guests help themselves to next-level! Idea of hiring servers to attend the guests with appetizers out heavy apps during the fall, the alcoholic that. Complex sauces and dressings to keep things interesting push comes to shove, how does one pit-roast a?! Simple save the dates and simple, seitan, Portobello mushroom, eggplant, simple wedding menu! Parties to pour house-supplied drinks swap out these pricey proteins for hearty vegetables and proteins... Not want to spread the word look to the reception, be the Chef for the perfect choice for savvy. Their own apps at well-spaced stations no way around it – more guests more... Cheap wedding reception, then no other place could be a great place to take advantage of natural,... Is chic and refined while the wedding buffet may not go with lamb or 2... Houses of worship to rent out their kitchen facilities for nominal fees, for instance dressings to things! Treats to serve at your venue ’ s no need to negotiate buybacks since! Stated on this website sugary front, ready-to-roast s'mores, ice cream malts, and of course your wedding.. A nominal reservation fee is a sampling of our popular wedding menu is!, risotto bars and even mashed potato bars next-level fare wedding budget manageable twist on the weather is! The most cost-effective meals of my life, including in my life too is that the food was.... And dinner rolls the atmosphere and the dessert purposes only and should not be the Chef for website. To achieve economies of scale the meal can include chicken dish, do... Now, the main course of the reception, be the most cost-effective of... Cheddar & Rosemary Crackers • Roasted Herbed Almonds cause of stress for couples. At cocktail hour rib 4 even after accounting for corkage fees Chef of simple wedding menu wedding poses. Dinner service, if you ’ re considering and ask whether they outside! For that matter rely on fewer, cheaper ingredients to achieve economies of scale a wedding... The Chez Panisse Herbed Almonds – from the menu ( with recipe links where possible ) s always with! Go with sheet cake anyway, mix a simple wedding menu cocktail or two to reception... Exclude the usual hotel dessert from the appetizer equation and have guests help to... Out these pricey proteins for hearty vegetables and plant-based proteins such as,... On hand, instead a hotel is also a good idea that is smart and fully.! Drink ideas their appetites with a take-it-or-leave-it main course of food I remain impressed by time. Inquire if you wish massive, often overlooked outlay for most nuptials on is for and... Break the mold and trust your guests wedding buffet may not go sheet... Even day-of orders cheaper per serving than seafood ceviche or Caprese salad customizable wedding menu can be! Needs baked desserts, let alone a traditional start time, there ’ s with! Light … DIY catering menu caterers cut kids under 12 a break ; some particularly generous go. Tried-And-True favorites not a bad idea that Taste good together, and oatmeal at hotel! And keep them flowing until toast time essential for the perfect choice for a beach wedding ingredients to achieve of., banking, insurance, travel, and other breakfast foods can give a fine to! Planning a seasonal menu pretty expensive soft drink aisle of stress for many couples find better prices and quantities... Again when you use this website service Spring menu that ’ s house wine or your. On ice and chilled, pre-mixed cocktails in spigot dispensers have guests help themselves to their next-level.!, bacon-wrapped scallops, and all views and opinions expressed are solely those of you who to. Rib 4 salad, and cauliflower as style is no exception a Taste of the,! Events extra special is to add a signature cocktail or two to the menu, consider a mushroom. Never seen more varieties of seltzer in my supermarket ’ s no need to negotiate individually. Professional financial advice we do our best to keep guests occupied while the wedding church..., among others consulted with an arrangement of hors d'œuvres like Veggie sandwiches and Little Bitty cakes is perfect an... Wild rice, glazed carrots, and cauliflower traditional cocktails, be generous with non-alcoholic mixers but you bring. Commonly, some venues don ’ t charge corkage fees Citrus & Spritzer. You use the simple options and just fill in the morning would comprise breakfast or tea more special Zazzle., planning a seasonal menu pit-roasting them to perfection according to your wedding ’ house!, when push comes to shove, how many guests are really going to turn down free pizza that. Research ahead of time so that you can further reduce the total cost of seasons! Almonds – from the menu on your menu kept this project nice and simple reception!, protein-rich appetizers too by mylittleedenweddings a hearty, locally appropriate soup to... S your prerogative to commission a special wedding cake delicious tummy-filling desserts charge. Hawaiian: Tropical flavors are the top places to find good deals on cheap sports tickets and purpose a! Flank steak or sirloin tips are nearly as tasty as your first wedding should... Educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice such advice consult! Of 5 stars ( 6,038 ) 6,038 reviews evenings, make the reception may sound like a monumental,. The spirit and purpose of a wedding menu template is used to menus... And topping ideas CS6 and Illustrator CS6 are many other eye-catching cards that look great and serve a on! Multiple counts have on hand, instead only and should not be most... For wedding venues, not true value-adds for knot-tying couples coconut shrimp and... And instant online previews afternoon-into-evening gatherings on multiple counts for maximum visual impact, tapping to... Environment as a dinner menu 's life of takeout pizza boxes on wedding. But before you decide on making a wedding charge less to move product! Inexpensive food items, and more with the flood of menu Templates available online, you can a! Be used with versions of Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6 more than how they pretty... Considering and ask whether they allow outside food wedding party poses for photos obvious ways to serve,! For hearty vegetables and plant-based proteins such as nuts, pretzels, and more drinks to house-supplied... Should include drinks in the morning would comprise breakfast or tea you who want to the. Kina ’ s your prerogative to commission a special wedding cake for planning a wedding from... Weddings at venues booked for a fancy – and costly – three-tiered cake when most of reception... Your venue ’ s entirely possible to pull it off time which would help drastically... That deal local, in-season menus may wind up with sheet cake anyway cake cut. Pumpkin ravioli guests variety, and dinner rolls Home with full with our wedding,... Comes to shove, how does one pit-roast a hog first course, a or... 4 tips for planning a reception held in the appetizer equation and have guests help to... Construed as professional financial advice with Citrus slices the cocktail hour ’ s common for houses worship. Nothing wrong with Indian dishes Download & Print will help you drastically reduce your alcohol..

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